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Future BlackBerry A10 flagship resurfaces, coming this fall with 5-inch display and dual-core CPU

Seen by many as BlackBerry’s last chance for survival, the BB 10 OS is yet to turn the ill-fated company’s financial distress around. But there’s still time. Or is there?


Well, there is, but BB needs a big hardware hit and it needs it today. The Z10 and Q10 have officially bombed at the smartphone box-office, so it all comes down to the two’s follow-up or follow-ups.

According to newly emerged rumors via a fairly trustworthy source (online publication BGR), the former Canadian tech empire has but one ace up its sleeve for 2013: the A10, codename Aristo. This fellow has first surfaced on the web last month, but apparently most of the intel revealed back then was phony. Or, you know, this latest info could be false.

Anyhoo, if we are to take the new report for granted, the future still looks grim for BlackBerry. The A10 is tipped to sport a 5-inch screen, pack 2 gigs of RAM under the hood and focus on mobile gaming, which all sounds very promising.

BlackBerry Z10

Then again, rumor has it BB will be unable to make this a quad-core device, due to either battery woes or difficulty with software optimizations. Whatever the case, it seems the A10 will pack a dual-core processor, which put simply is unacceptable for a high-end smartphone wannabe nowadays.

If you’re not too disgusted to hear more about “Aristo”, we have a few extra tidbits for you, though these are even less credible than the above mentioned information. The thing’s display is said to be of the Super AMOLED variation (I bet it will be 720p though), the rear camera will likely be an 8 MP unit (yawn!), while the silicon structure will resemble that of Apple’s iPhones, with separate CPU and GPU.

That last part actualy sounds cool, but surely it’s too little to make a real difference. Oh, yeah, BGR also says BB is planning to release another phone by the end of the year, the 9720, but you already know everything you need about that to tell it’s going to be a monumental flop.

Via [BGR]

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