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BitTorrent Live streaming seeks beta ‘broadcasters’

BitTorrent just released a new concept with live streaming to the general public.  Bram Cohen, inventor of BitTorrent, helped develop the idea and says it is going to be a brand new way in which information is streamed over the Internet in real-time.

Since BitTorrent's initial unveiling in 2001, it has become the most used P2P platform on the Internet and with a good deal of that popularity stemming from its minimal bandwidth usage requirements.  While highly unpopular with the attorneys working for the recording and movie industries, a torrent operates by downloading small bits of information from many sources at once.  Today there are millions of people around the world taking part in the Torrent community.

Now BitTorrent is going a step further and has introduced a new concept in live streaming that promises to be not only faster but also without interruption.  In fact, the people at BitTorrent are saying that this will be the greatest technology in regards to live streaming to have come about to date.

In the past, as more people view a live stream on the Internet the quality of the playback would plummet. Now with BitTorrent’s Live streaming technology it essentially ends the bottleneck problems normally seen with other live stream feeds.  It actually improves with more people viewing.  What it does is make each user become an additional miniature broadcaster and therefore allows the broadcast to be amplified across the Internet, much like a radio repeater.

In an interview with TorrentFreak, Justin Knoll of BitTorrent Incorporated said that with more people using the service, the better it gets.  “The more people who tune in, the more resilient your stream will be,” Knoll said. He elaborated by saying that it operates on the same concept of the BitTorrent protocol does and that it is “designed to make real-time reporting, and open expression available to all: eliminating bandwidth, cost, and infrastructure as broadcast barriers.”

BitTorrent designed the new live streaming concept from the ground up and claims that it will be the best means in which to share any live event to a large audience in real-time. Knoll went on to say that there would be little to no latencies and void any bandwidth requirement problems of before.  He further added that BitTorrent Live streaming may soon be the ‘democratization of streaming technology.”

BitTorrent says they are interested in seeing more users become live broadcasters and are inviting new beta testers for the service.  For more information on live streaming you can visit BitTorrent's Live page to learn more about it.

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