A lot of you have been played Mass Effect 3, and Bioware has been collecting a lot of data. Some of the statistics we've been contributing to were just released in a neat infographic at PAX east

Bioware just conducted a "Mass Effect retrospective" panel at PAX East where they released a bunch of interesting statistics on how we've all been playing the third installment in the space opera trilogy.

As it turns out, most people played paragon, 64% had to play the game without meeting Wrex, and of all your squad members, Kaidan Alenko had the lowest survival rate at 17%. Check out the graphic below for the full details.


Also during the panel, Bioware restated that work on the next Mass Effect game is underway, and that it will be a fresh start for the series. What could be considered as a new reveal however, was that the next game will involve "a new way for you to explore the whole universe in Mass Effect." Whether this means a change in gameplay or simply reiterating that we will be starting a new story arc remains to be seen.