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Biostar TA690G AMD 690G Motherboard Review

The mainboard with components in an assortment of bright colors

The IO plate, featuring HDMI, DVI-D, VGA and S-Video Out.

Three-phase power lined with metallic capacitors

4 SATA-II ports, power and reset buttons for diagnostic purposes

Realtek ALC888 HD Audio. WLP 3.0 compliant with jack sensing capabilities.

ATI SB600 Southbridge, nothing new as the SB600 was introduced last May.

The AMD RS690 Northbridge Chipset with an integrated X1250 GPU. The X1250 is basically a modified version of the ATI X700 core for the RS690 chipset, with the most significant change being the reduced pixel pipes (8 on the X700 vs 4 on the X1250) and the complete removal of vertex pipelines, thus leaving all the vertex programming to the CPU.

Onboard PCI-Express TRL8111B Gigabit LAN.

The placement of the CMOS battery and reset switch isn’t exactly that ideal. If users choose to install a graphics card with a slightly bigger heatsink, one will have to remove the graphics card completely from the system before they are able to reset their CMOS.

Accessories included are kept to a bare minimum, with only one of each cable type, IO plate, manual and Driver CD.

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