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BioShock: Infinite Review

Booker DeWitt as he appeared on the cover of EGM[i].

In BioShock: Infinite players take the role of Booker DeWitt, a detective-like agent for the Pinkertons who is well-versed in the deadly art of war and combat. DeWitt is no stranger to death, as it is the means of his employment, and he often leaves slain bodies in his wake despite the fact that he seems to be a decent man. This adds a flawed element to his persona, as he means well but he will go through any lengths to get the job done.

Like every man Booker has his vices, and his vice happens to be gambling. After a particular bout of bad luck, DeWitt finds himself owing a lot money to the kind of people you don't want to owe even a little.

DeWitt's gambling debt motivates him to take a job that will wipe his debt clean: all he has to do is find a girl–Elizabeth, the game's second protagonist–and bring her back to New York unharmed.
Little does Booker know that Elizabeth is actually more than "just a girl", as she has extraordinary powers that can be extremely dangerous.
All hail Father Comstock, the Prophet of Columbia!
When Booker arrives in the empyrean sky-city of Columbia, he is mystified by the overwhelming cult-like sentiments of the city's religion. The nation's principal religion has imbued its ruler, Father Zachary Hale Comstock (also known as "The Prophet'), with a holy status. Comstock is venerated as the shepherd who led his flock to the skies above, and Columbia is alliterated as the "New Eden" as an "Ark for a different age that frees its people from the Sodom below". 
With the religion Comstock has infused actual Christian theology with his own brand of self-righteous worship, separating himself from the others to be venerated and held above all else. DeWitt is wary of the brainwashed folk, however he must be "washed clean of his sin" with a baptism in order to move on.
After the baptism, Booker wakes up to see three of the Founding Fathers who have been incorporated into Columbia's principal tenants: Father Washington, Father Franklin and Father Jefferson each hold one of the three symbols associated with Columbia's heritage: a key, scroll and sword.
Three priests recite prayers to the founders of Columbia, which are immortalized in stone within the Gardens of Eden.
Columbia is celebrating with an annual festivity, holding a fair that's complete with carnival attractions and the raffle, which ends up being a cruel tradition aimed at hurting people of other races.
As DeWitt explores the fair, things soon go awry and he ends up being lamented as "The False Shepherd" as well as setting off a course of events that eventually lead to an open civil war between the nation's two sides: the Vox Populi and Columbia's current ruler, Father Comstock.
The schism–which has been brewing for quite some time–adds more emphasis to the cultural war fought by Columbia's only resistance, The Vox Populi (which is made up of the city's oppressed poor and non-white population) and Comstock's soldiers, who are blindly led with the ideals of patriotism and freedom.
The huge archangel statue of Monument Island can be seen anywhere in the city, and has remained Elizabeth's home since she was born.
In order to save the girl and complete his job Booker must first find her. After a time of searching he is led to the massive archangel statue on Monument Island, which serves as Columbia's Statue of Liberty. The statue itself can be seen in any area of Columbia, standing tall and gleaming bright in the sun's light.
DeWitt makes his way to Monument Island, and eventually comes face-to-face with Elizabeth, who has been housed in the archangel statue all her life and studied because of her abilities. Booker helps Elizabeth escape using a special key he was given at the very beginning of the game, but her escape soon calls the Songbird's wrath.
The Songbird is one of the more strikingly bizarre creatures of BioShock: Infinite in terms of visuals.
The Songbird–a massive mechanized bird–had guarded Elizabeth and kept her captive within the statue. Now that she's escaping, however, the Songbird rips apart pieces of the statue in order to try to stop Booker, establishing itself as one of the most formidable–and iconic–foes in the game.
Elizabeth, the Lamb of Columbia, isn't nearly as delicate as she looks: she can bend the fabric of time and reality.
Elizabeth isn't just a girl imbued with incredible power, she is also the daughter of Father Comstock and the fabled "Lamb of Columbia". Elizabeth plays a principle role in Comstock's prophecy and is much too important to let Booker simply take her.
Armed with an arsenal of firearms and powerful Vigors, DeWitt must clear a path through Comstock's soldiers, Handymen, and even the Songbird itself to bring Elizabeth to safety. He soon realizes, however, that things are not what they seem, and that bringing Elizabeth back to New York is going to be much harder than he thought…

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