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Biggest iPhone 6 leak yet, 3 minute preview before official announcement


The agonizing wait for the new Apple iPhone 6 just doesn’t seem to be ending, even with all the leaks and the official teaser from Apple being released. We’ve seen iPhone 6 parts and dummy units leak out, but we hadn’t really seen a final production model so far.

Seasoned leaker from Russia – Rozetked has published a new video on YouTube that details the iPhone 6 in all its glory. It’s a fully working unit though, so you can be rest assured that it is the real deal. The video starts off by showing us the new iPhone 6’s design. It is the same design that we have been seeing in various leaks, but this is the first time that we get to see it in detail and from all angles. The iPhone 6 features more rounded sides this time for better grip and the power button has been shifted to the side to allow for easy single handed operation. Rozetked mentions that the design overall is pretty similar to the iPod Touch 5th Generation with very similar speaker grille design, 3.5mm audio jack placement, and a protruding rear camera.

The device is said to feature solid build quality and the Russian tech blog seems to be very impressed with the build quality of the iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 is said to feature an aluminum unibody design, but there are plastic inserts at the top to improve cellular reception. They also compare it with last year’s iPhone 5s and we can see how the iPhone 6 looks significantly thinner than its predecessor but has grown in terms of overall size naturally due to the bigger display. The Apple logo was rumored to be illuminated on the iPhone 6 but unfortunately that will not be the case. Instead, the Apple logo is carved on to the back like the iPhone 2G. The logo is said to be made out of liquidmetal and is therefore making it very resistant to scratches and corrosion over time. What’s more, they have also taken it apart on video and given us our first glimpse at the iPhone 6’s internals.

The one thing that did strike us was the size of the camera sensor on the iPhone 6. As we told you earlier, it has a protruding rear camera like the iPod Touch 5th Generation. The reason behind that seems to be the size of the camera sensor, it is said to be a much improved unit but also much larger in size. The TruTone Flash from the 5s is still on board, so those of you who were worried when you saw all the leaked pictures showing a single led flash at the back can breathe a sigh of relief. The TouchID ring seems to have gotten thinner and the sensor area increased over the 5s. Sapphire Crystal coating isn’t found to be present on the display but Rozetked does not rule out the possibility of a sapphire crystal blend glass being used.

Watch the video below and let us know if you’re as impressed as Rozetked with the new iPhone 6.

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