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Ben Heck’s Xbox 360 portable mod

About a month ago, we reported on a hobbyist turning his Xbox 360 into a portable gaming rig, and not surprisingly there’s another Xbox 360 mod that will leave you wishing you had a 3D printer.

Recently, on The Ben Heck Show, the tech whiz Ben Heck took apart an Xbox 360 and turned it into a portable machine complete with built-in sound and monitor.  Heck used a TI audio amplifier that offered integrated stereo for the console's sound output, and a volume control board that also fulfilled other duties such as eject and boot up. For the monitor, Heck used a thin/low power rating 16-inch LED backlit display.  For the custom case, he used the MakerBot Replicator and a material called Sintra to print out parts to cover up the naked Xbox motherboard and DVD drive.

A few other tools, such as a laser cutter and soldering equipment were used to complete the mod, and the result is quite a sight.  Heck’s full break down and customization of the Xbox can be seen below.

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