Be Quiet replaced the standard fan grill with a peculiar grid of small parallel bars. Behind these bars we found Be Quiet's own patented SilentWings 135mm fan, which the company is very proud of. We are unaware who is the OEM behind the fan but it is one of the highest quality designs currently available, with a fluid dynamic bearing (self-lubricating ball bearing) and insanely low advertised dB(A) levels for a 2000RPM fan.

Unlike with the 550W version of the Dark Power Pro 10, which was made by Fortron-Source (also widely known as FSP Group), the 850W version is an entirely different design and with another OEM behind it; Seasonic. It is essentially based on the same platform as the current Seasonic Platinum units, with modifications to include the OCK 12V line control capability, the hardwired cables and other minor alterations. The quality of the assembly is what anyone would expect from a unit built by Seasonic, with a very clean design and excellent soldering joints.

Be Quiet replaced the standard A/C receptacle with one which forms a full line filter all by itself, yet the filtering stage does continue on the main PCB, summing up to six Y-type capacitors, two X-type capacitors, three filtering coils and a surge suppressing MOV, summing up to nearly double the components recommended by the ATX design guide. Two parallel rectifying bridges have been placed on a single high quality heatsink, starting the A/C to D/C conversion fun.

Two Nippon Chemi-Con KMR 390μF/420V capacitors can be seen at the primary side of the unit, both rated for operation up to 105°C. The active PFC transistors and the boost diode are placed on the heatsink at the corner of the unit and the four primary side transistors are placed on the heatsink right next to it. The use of four transistors forms a high efficiency LLC full-bridge converter.

The strange array of silver heatsinks on the secondary side of the unit is responsible for cooling the four secondary side transistors responsible for the generation of the 12V line. These four transistors are not placed on the heatsinks themselves but at the rear side of the PCB. The capacitors at the secondary side of this unit, electrolytic and solid state alike, are all supplied by Nippon Chemi-Con.