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Be Quiet Dark Power Pro 10 550W PSU Review

Naturally, Be Quiet went with their own patented SilentWings 135mm fan, which the company is very proud of. We are unaware who is the OEM behind the fan but it is one of the highest quality designs currently available, with a fluid dynamic bearing (self-lubricating ball bearing) and insanely low advertised dB(A) levels for a 1500RPM fan.

Although the OEM behind the Dark Power Pro 10 550W unit is FSP, we have never seen the likes of this design before. FSP (Fortron-Source) is a known manufacturer of power supplies, however we rarely see the company involved in the creation of such a complex power supply as this one. Everything inside the power supply is very neatly organized and the quality of the assembly is very good, although we did notice a couple of hand-made soldering joints. The heatsinks of the unit are quite small but not smaller than what we would expect from a 550W unit bearing an 80Plus Gold certification.

The filtering stage begins at the back of the A/C receptacle, with two Y-type capacitors and one X-type capacitor. One more X-type capacitor can be found on the PCB, alongside two filtering coils and a surge suppressing MOV. FSP rarely includes a MOV into their own designs, which indicates that Be Quiet played a major role when it came to designing this particular unit. The bridge rectifier can be seen installed on its own dedicated heatsink.

Two Matsushita 220μF/450V capacitors can be seen at the primary side of the unit, both rated for operation up to 105°C. The active PFC transistors and the boost diode are placed on the first heatsink and the two primary side transistors are placed on the heatsink right next to it. The two transistors form a half-bridge converter which is working alongside an LLC resonant converter, boosting the converter’s efficiency.

On the secondary side, we found a synchronous rectifier being formed with the transistors attached to a simple metallic heatsink. The rectifier outputs only one 12V output, which is then reduced to 3.3V and 5V via DC to DC conversion circuits. Only one 12V line is generated which is either supplied via four OCP circuits or one, depending on the user’s selection. Most of the capacitors on the secondary side are supplied by CapXon, electrolytic and solid-state alike, but we did find a few small Nippon Chemi-Con capacitors among them. 

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