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Be Quiet Dark Power Pro 10 550W PSU Review

The appearance of the Dark Power Pro 10 550W unit is certainly imposing and unlike any other unit we have ever seen. Although the body of the power supply is just 180mm long, trying to adhere to the power supply design guide recommendations, the chassis itself is much different than the standard steel ATX body we are used to. The design is proprietary, with the plastic frame making contact with the case and inserting a bevel between the end of the unit and the perforated rear. A peculiar parallel grid forms the protective grill of the fan and a rubberized strip towards the front of the unit serves as both a protection against scratches and as a vibration absorber in order to minimize any potential noise sources.

Large, dark metallic stickers have been placed in an embossed area on both of the sides of the unit. The stickers are very simple, with just the company and series logo in text, as well as the wattage and 80Plus certification logo printed on them.

As is usually the case with units having their sides covered with decorative stickers, the sticker with the electrical specifications of the Dark Power Pro 10 unit can be found on the top side of the chassis, covering about half of the unit's top side surface.

The rear side of the Dark Power Pro 10 550W unit has been entirely perforated, allowing the warm air generated by the operation of the power supply to escape towards the rear side of the case. The pattern however is distinctively different than most other units we have reviewed to this date, following a rather sparse honeycomb design. There also is a typical on/off switch and the A/C power plug receptacle.

No less than fifteen (15!) connectors can be found at the front side of the Dark Power Pro 10 550W unit which, even considering that only the 24-pin ATX cable is hardwired, the number is simply massive. However, four of these connectors are just for fans and one is for the OCK switch or jumper. Four are for the PCIe cables and one is for the CPU 12V cables, leaving the other five for the SATA/Molex cables. It is very interesting to note that Be quiet replaced the crude hole where the hardwired cables would come out from with an opening covered by a rubber gasket which engulfs the wires perfectly, creating a much superior visual effect.

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