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The Chinese Ministry of Culture has put its foot down on Battlefield 4, banning the use of all materials pertaining to the title.


Battlefield 4 has been banned in China, and they mean business. In other countries, a banned game is not allowed on shelves and can’t be bought online. Yeah sure, that sucks. But then there’s the China ban. When the Chinese ban a game, they go the extra mile.

The Chinese Ministry of Culture has issued a notice which prohibits the sale of the game and downloading any materials related to the game including demos and patches. Not only that, it is also illegal to report any news pertaining to the title, and the official name of the title in Chinese, “ZhanDi4”, has been included in the censored words list on the Chinese social networking site Weibo.

You can’t really blame China for going commando on Battlefield 4 though. The game’s main antagonist are the Chinese, and the campaign sees the protagonists leave a lot of dead Chinese soldiers in their wake. The country is very proactive in burying anything that seems like a threat to its culture, and Battlefield 4 certainly fits the bill.

The Chinese Ministry of Culture has cited “cultural encroachment” as the main reason for the super-ban, saying, “The content of (developer) DICE’s game slanders the good image of the People’s Liberation Army. The scenario of [Admiral] Zhang and his renegade general is particularly wrong; it is hard for many Chinese players to accept.”

The move comes on the eve of the release of the China Rising DLC for Battlefield 4. However, publisher EA wont be losing too much sleep over this. The game was never officially released in China, and though the long-standing console ban was recently lifted in the country, the market is still not at a stage where publishers would go all guns blazing.

Source: Kotaku

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