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Battle of the mid enders – Geforce 7900GS vs Radeon X1950Pro, Radeon X1650XT vs Geforce 7600GS


The X1650XT was launched late last month, and is the newest graphic chip that entered the USD$ 150 segment. The X1650XT is poised to replace the X1600XT card.

Although it comes with a slightly lower core and memory clock (25Mhz less) as compared to the X1600XT, the X1650XT is manufactured by TSMC with a 80nm process as compared to the 90nm process used on the X1600XT. Also, the X1650XT comes with twice the number of pixel & raster pipes (24pp vs 12pp, 8vp vs 4vp). Let’s take a look at the card before proceeding to introduce the other cards. The X1650XT, together with this new series of ATI graphics is also using the new internal crossfire connector for multi-GPU functionality.

The EAX1650XT with a Golf GTI box.

An overview of the card, notice the custom heatsink & blower by Asus. Unlike the EN7600GS, the EAX1650XT requires users to plug in their PCI-E graphic connector, meaning that the X1650XT will most probably require more power to function as compared to similar offerings from Nvidia.

31 soldered fins on this solid copper heatsink.

The X1650XT core, 80nm process and manufactured in Taiwan, by TSMC.

Infineon 1.4ns GDDR3 RAM is used on the EAX1650XT board.

Dual DVI output.

The accessories


The ATI Crossfire connector

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