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Barnes & Noble announces new Nooks that will compete with Kindles and Nexus 7

Now that we know that Amazon is done touting its horn about the revised Kindles, it’s Barnes & Noble’s turn to load the gun with its revised Nook tablets.

Barnes & Noble recently announced that it will launch two versions of the Nook, one being a 7-inch HD tablet aimed at competing with Amazon’s and Google’s  7-inchers, and the other being a 9-inch HD+ directed at high-end and shared users.

Both Nooks will have a dual-core OMAP 4470 processor, but the HD+ Nook will have its OMAP clocked a bit higher than the HD model (1.5GHz on the HD+ as compared to 1.3GHz on the HD).  Similarly, the two Nooks will have 1GB of RAM, and an advertised 10 hours of reading on one charge.

Also, the HD and HD+ will both run on Android Ice Cream Sandwich, albeit the OS will be heavily skinned to Barnes & Noble’s liking.

The main difference between the two Nooks involves the screen resolution.  The Nook HD will have a 1440×900 screen resolution, whereas the HD+ will have a 1920×1280 resolution.

Prices of the Nooks vary depending on storage capacity, but all will come with microSD slots for expandability.  The base model Nook HD 8GB will cost tablet-shoppers US $199, and the 16GB HD model will costs an extra $30.  The larger HD+ 16GB model will cost $269, and likewise, for an extra $30 you can have the HD+ 32GB model.

Source: theverge

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