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Bank of America introduces new ATMs with live teller support

ATMs have been with us for many years with little change in technology.  Now Bank of America is about to roll out a new model called 'Teller Assist' that will allow customers to video chat with a live bank teller, cash checks and even get exact change if need be.

Imagine if you could go up to an ATM, press a button, and speak to a live teller that could help you with your transaction? Those days are now a reality, and Bank of America will be the first to introduce this futuristic style of ATM.

Boston, Massachusetts BofA customers will be the first area for the Teller Assist ATMs, but they will still have the choice to use the older style ATMs.  Also, the Teller Assist ATMs will be available from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the weekends. 

Shelly Waite who serves as the ATM channel executive at Bank of America made it clear that some kind of ATM hybrid was desperately needed to satisfy customer’s demand and need of assistance at times. 

Many Bank of America customers appreciate the self-service option of the ATM, but may require more personal help or have a question for a teller,” Waite said. “The ATM with Teller Assist is the best of both worlds and is the latest way Bank of America is meeting customers’ needs in a way that works best for them.”

Electronic banking has become the mainstay of most transactions that take place from day to day in the U.S.  BofA says that about 30 million of their 53 million customers regularly bank online.  However, studies and surveys have found that customers still want to actively communicate and complete transactions with a live person.

The tellers for the machines will be based out of call centers located in Newark, Delaware and Jacksonville, Florida.  In the very near future BofA says they will have more multilingual speakers providing both English and Spanish, and the machines will be able to accept checks and even process loan and credit card payments.

In Massachusetts alone BofA has 256 branches and 1,113 ATMs scattered throughout the state. In total, the banking giant has 5,500 retail banks and just over 16,000 ATMs scattered throughout the U.S.

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