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Awakening: The Art of Halo 4 Review

The mysterious Forerunner planet of Requiem, Artwork by Kenneth Scott

Chapter 1 – Environments

This section of Awakening delves into the foundation for Halo 4's visual experience, taking an expansive look at the game's detailed environments. From the cold starlit void of space to the fringes of an ancient Forerunner planet, Halo 4 takes players through a variety of different environments that bring the game to life before your eyes.

This chapter chronicles the eight missions in the game's engrossing campaign from start to finish, detailing the early pre-production ideas and how 343i's art team helped mold the dynamic environments featured in every facet of gameplay.

"Early in development we made the commitment to use the full range of our arts arsenal to craft the player experience. Shape, language, and color help the player to "feel" the narrative arcs." –Kenneth Scott, Art Director for 343i

The colorful junglescape encountered within Halo 4's campaign, Artwork by John Liberto

This chapter is the largest within Awakening as it follows every campaign mission from Dawn to Midnight, focusing on the many unique visual experiences offered by each level in the game. The full array of artwork featured within this section truly inspires a sense of wonder within the viewer, literally painting a picture of the Halo universe is such dazzling brilliance.

Every page features a brand new point of view for every environment featured in Halo 4's dynamic campaign, bringing an astounding mix of feelings from every vibrant or dark sci-fi infused piece of art.

From John Liberto's stark lines to Nicolas "Sparth" Bouvier's masterful strokes, the concept art shows how the many internal and external visuals of the game were paved by early pre-production art.

From the skies of Requiem to the myriad of terrain upon the Forerunner planet's surface, all of the pictures fully represent the culmination of Halo 4's iconic scenery.

Alien flora and fauna decorate the landscapes, serene lakes and snow-tipped mountains that mirror actual Earth-based terrain quite well. The tall mechanical spires that dot the skies, however, fullly immerse players in a realistic and lifelike atmosphere that is wholly in itself alien and mysterious.

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