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Avira Premium Security Suite: Internet Security In A Box

Installation of the product was rather straight-forward: it involved nothing more than just clicking ‘Next’ on each subsequent window which appeared during the process.


However, we ran into some trouble at one point of the installation, Apparently, Avira could not function properly with Windows Defender running in the background: the program claimed that attempting to proceed with the installation without disabling the latter will result in compatibility issues.

Even though disabling Windows Defender was an optional move, we opted to follow through with Avira’s instructions. This was to ensure that we had a proper, working installation of Avira Premium Security Suite on our system which would not conflict with any running services. Affter which we proceeded with the installation as per normal.


We were also asked to take part in Avira ProActiv community during installation. This feature claims to be able to offer an advanced online scan by making use of community feedback to scan for potential malware by analysing their behaviour patterns.This is an opt-out feature, so we left the feature checked and proceeded with the installation.


A system restart is required for the completion of the entire installation process, even though no applications were running in the background This probably means that certain background services were changed during the installation process, thus necessitating the need for a reboot.


The presence of Avira’s status in Windows Security Center indicates a successful installation. Meanwhile, a quick check in MSConfig.exe also reveals five new processes and services being loaded at startup.

The installation process was fast; it took only slightly over a minute for all the files to be extracted and copied into their proper locations.

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