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The Moon will soon get a webcam

The telescope helped change the scientific world and has allowed hundreds of years worth of astronomers study the universe and work out its mysteries. As time has passed, our telescopes have gotten better, and as recently as last year, telescopes were pointed at the moon to actually look upon the

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QR codes are getting popular in China

The QR code was introduced a few years back and allows mobile devices to scan a 2 dimensional bar-code which then links the device to images, websites, pass codes and other online content. Since their inception, QR codes have seen limited use and never really became mainstream in the west.

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MIT releases OpenRelativity engine

Last year, MIT Game Labs released a physics simulating game called "A slower speed of light". The game, which is available for free on PC, Linux and Mac, is centered around collecting orbs which lower the speed of light successively until you manage to bring it down to zero. Now,

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Features of Windows 8.1 Blue revealed!

Microsoft is beginning to listen to its customers. According to a report at ZDNet, the upcoming Windows 8.1 "Blue" will indeed be bringing back the Start button, boot to desktop and a few other welcome features. Mary Jo Foley, ZD's Microsoft correspondent, has spoken with a reliable source who has

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XBox One preorders ahead of PS4 in UK

According to British gaming trade magazine MCV, various retailers across the UK are reporting that pre-orders for Microsoft's new console Xbox One are ahead of the pre-order numbers for the Sony PlayStation 4. The numbers are remarkably good with one retailer reporting that the Xbox pre-orders had passed the PS4's

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