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Review: The Last of Us (PS3)

Naughty Dog's latest game has finally hit the shelves and we've got the review. Is The Last of Us an amazing, engaging and beautiful journey through post-apocalyptic America? Is it the perfect farewell to the PS3, or just another reason to look forward to next gen? (more…)

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Nintendo says Wii U is still a contender

The growing opinion in the games industry is that Nintendo isn't competing with anyone anymore, and perhaps, aren't even relevant. Nintendo of America's Reggie Fils-Aime however, says Nintendo is absolutely a competitor and points to the Wii's success as an example of what happens when you underestimate the plucky little

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New Grand Theft Auto V details reveal HUD

Rockstar Games recently held a demonstration of GTA V in Poland, and a Reddit user who attended held an AMA afterwards, where people could ask about any details showcased during the presentation. The user has since deleted their account as well as the replies to the AMA, but the details

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Samsung, Google to shrink their phones

While many iPhone users have been hoping for a phone closer in size to that of larger smartphones, Google and Samsung are now planning to scale back the size of their phones to something closer to what Apple is producing. Samsung is releasing two "mini" 4.3-inch versions of their Galaxy

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Apple looking into flexible displays

Apple has just filed for a new patent, "Embedded force measurement", with the US Patent and Trademark Office that would allow for future Apple products to use a flexible display capable of measuring how much you press into the screen and using that as a form of input. Currently, although

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Ancient plants reawaken after glacier recedes

Catherine La Farge from the University of Alberta has been studying the exposed ground left behind from receding glaciers. She is the curator of the Cryptogamic Herbarium and has overturned the long held belief that any plants emerging from under a glacier will be long since dead. Previously, it was

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Ubisoft reveals E3 lineup

E3 is almost here and Ubisoft is hard at work preparing for their media briefing at the expo. To keep us all excited, the French developer and publisher has decided to confirm some of the previously announced titles that will be making the rounds at the show, as well as

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