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Casio’s rumored smartwatch vision: less smart, more simple and practical

The always ingenious Japanese manufacturer of “traditional” timepieces reportedly plans to go after the Apple Watch with something slightly less futuristic. Contrary to popular belief, Pebble didn’t actually lay the groundwork for modern smartwatches. Not exactly. It was in fact Casio that envisioned various use cases for your bland wrist-worn

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Android-based BlackBerry Venice tipped for AT&T, Passport clone also on deck

The unconfirmed but rampant gossip of BB’s Android exploration takes an even more surprising turn, as a fishy Lollipop-powered Passport render emerges. Perennial skeptics were probably shaken up by vague recent comments from BlackBerry’s typically candid CEO, who essentially insinuated anything was possible for his struggling company on the hardware

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