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AT&T gives Nokia the heave-ho on the X7

If Nokia was hoping to use upcoming X7 as a tool to regain a hold on its rapidly declining market share in the mobile phone space, USA is definitely not going to be one of the countries it can rely on. Unfortunately for the Finnish mobile phone giant, US carrier AT&T has reportedly canceled all plans to release the X7 on American soil even before Nokia could officially launch its smartphone. Ouch.

Well, it seems like Nokia’s smartphone woes are not about to end anytime soon considering the fierce competition from the likes of powerful OEMs such as Apple, LG, Motorola and HTC. That, along with the fact that market acceptance of its Symbian operating system is colder than the sub-zero temperatures of the North Pole means only one thing: the former Finnish mobile giant is steadily losing marketshare to competitors running off more popular operating systems such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7.

Unfortunately for Nokia, it appears that not even the introduction of a new phone can stem the downward tide the company is currently going through,especially if the latest report from Pocketnow.com is to be believed. Apparently, the US’s second largest telecommunications service provider, AT&T Wireless has canceled its plans to offer the Nokia X7 for sale on American soil, thus effectively dashing Nokia’s plans of gaining any additional momentum (and market share), at least in the US market.

This comes shortly after press shots of the Nokia X7 sporting an AT&T logo started surfacing online, thus fueling speculations that Nokia had struck a deal with AT&T to offer its GMS-only phones for sale to the American public at subsidized rates.

Simply put, AT&T’s sudden refusal to sell Nokia phones effectively puts a huge dent into Nokia’s plans of gaining any momentum in the American mobile phone market. This is because most of the USA utilize the CDMA network, which is incompatible with the Finnish company’s handsets. Lastly, Nokia has also publicly announced that it plans to replace its Symbian OS with MeeGo in 2011, thus consumers have little real reason to spring for a Symbian-powered handset as opposed to waiting it out for new MeeGo-capable smartphones.

Source: Pocketnow.com

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