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AT&T drops the price of the HTC First to 1 dollar

AT&T has dropped the price of the phone to 1 dollar on contract. The HTC First comes with the Facebook Home launcher installed by default, but hides a nice vanilla android experience just behind it.

The HTC First received mixed reactions being the first smartphone to launch with the Facebook Home launcher.  Opinions continue to vary when it comes to the skin, but there was something most people seemed to agree on about the device, and that is that the phone seems to be quite well designed with solid specs, a great screen, and good build quality.  All this can now be had at AT&T for $0.99. That's right, 1 dollar (on contract, of course).

If that were the only reason to buy this middle-end phone it wouldn't garner as much attention as it got by the media but it wasn't the only reason.  The HTC First was hiding something that came as a bit of a surprise for people. To just about every geek's delight, it seemed that beneath the Facebook Home launcher was none other than a stock-like version of Android. I say stock-like because although it is a vanilla version of Android, it isn't completely stock and won't receive updates at the pace that Nexus devices would. That doesn't stop you from disabling Facebook Home if you wish and enjoying Android the way it was meant to be enjoyed, now at a lower price than ever.

Source: AT&T Via: PhoneArena

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