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ATI releases Catalyst 10.5 drivers for download

ATI’s Catalyst drivers has released yet another update in the form of version 10.5, adding support for certain new hardware and fixing various issues found in previous versions.

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If there is one advantage that ATI drivers have over those from Nvidia, it has to be the frequency in which driver updates are pushed out to the public, thanks to ATI’s commitment in producing monthly driver updates for its graphics products. And ATI has delivered on its promise once again by releasing the newest version of its Catalyst drivers for download, version 10.5.

Unlike the previous driver version which boasted game improvement in certain titles by as much as 10%, the Catalyst 10.5 drivers were released with little fanfare from ATI, thus leading us to believe that 10.5 consists of nothing more than just a set of bug fixes. Indeed, a quick look at the release notes for both Catalyst 10.4 and 10.5 revealed that no new hardware support has been added to the list of supported products.

On the other hand, the release notes for the Linux drivers revealed added support for the Mobility Radeon HD 5xxx series of GPUs. Which is nothing short of good news, since owners of Linux-powered notebooks making use of ATI’s latest 5xxx GPUs can now install the proprietary drivers without having to deal with the ‘Unsupported Hardware’ watermark appearing on the desktop. Ironically, the option for ‘Mobility Radeon HD 5000 Series’ has yet to be added to the list of options available on the driver download page, as shown below, although we believe ATI will probably update the list in a matter of days.

Either way, new drivers usually bring about slightly better performance and improved stability, so if you happen to own an ATI card or a notebook powered with ATI’s GPUs, you might want to start hitting the browsers and visiting ATI’s driver download page here to download and update your graphics drivers.

Source: ATI Catalyst download page

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