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ATI Radeon HD 5870 High-Definition pictures

A Bulgarian poster at HardwareBG.com, acdc, has leaked several pictures of the upcoming Radeon HD 5870 in glorious high definition detail. (56k alert)

Pictures linked next page.

The pictures are linked in two sets – the external body and PCB. The links are provided by acdc in two parts:



This is the 1GB HD 5870 version – running 8 modules of 128MB Samsung GDDR5. It features 2×6 pin PCI-e power connectors. We have seen a picture of a 5870 running 1×6 pin + 1×8 pin before, which may possibly have been the 2GB Eyefinity “SIX” version or an engineering sample. The version pictured has 4 display outputs – 2xDVI, 1xHDMI, 1xDisplayport. The PCB is about 27cm (or 10.5″) long, which is as long as the 4870 X2 or GTX 2xx series.

The die is rotated at 45 degrees, as has been noted before, and the die size does indeed seem to be around the 300 mm2 mark. The mounting holes appear very similar to the HD 4870 and older generations, which means compatibility with current third party cooling solutions.

Interestingly, the poster mentions that he doesn’t have the official drivers. The NDA lifts on 23rd/24th September, depending on where you live. Curiously, we still haven’t seen pictures of the HD 5850 (or any other Evergreen products for that matter, except a single low quality Juniper picture). Perhaps the 5850 sports the same beefy cooler?

As a little bonus, you can find some 5870 benchmarks over at CzechGamer.com.

Reference: HardwareBG, HardwareBG (pictures courtesy ‘acdc’)

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