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ATi Headquarters Tour

Upon entering the building you are greeted by a very large reception desk. Visitor check-in was a snap, within seconds we were provided with ID cards and sent on our way with Tenille Kennedy, one of our tour guides for the day.

Since the launch of the R300, it has been a tradition inside the ATI headquarters to hang a huge banner that relates to their latest product family. Their newest banner is one of Ruby, a character from ATI’s tech demos that we first saw at the launch of the R420.

As we make our way around the first floor of the headquarters we can see the lobby in the center of the complex, as well as the two of the four elevators found on the first floor.

In the lobby there is a fountain display that includes a ring of fire at the top.

On the first floor lies ATI’s huge cafeteria named Café Array (after ATI’s old name Array Technologies Inc.) It is fully equipped with many 60″ plasma TV’s and a Nintendo Gamecube station.


Inside the cafeteria lie many choices: a deli, pizzeria, burger joint, stir fry and sushi. Café Array even features a small Starbucks station as well.


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