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ATI HDTV Wonder Review

The actual physical installation of the ATI HDTV Wonder was as simple as it gets, just inserting the card into an open PCI slot on your motherboard. Windows then recognizes that a new multimedia controller is installed, and you just insert the bundled driver disk for installation. Unfortunately, installing the software required for the ATI HDTV Wonder when you don’t have the supplied driver disk is a little more complicated. You have to download four different files and install them in sequential order, with the third file, the CDWIZ download utility actually needing to "authenticate" your drivers disk (therefore you need the drivers disk to download and install the recommended drivers from the ATI website).

But once you go actually do install all the necessary software, setting up the ATI HDTV Wonder is actually really simple through the Multimedia Center’s Installation Wizard.

While going through the wizard you pick how much drive space you want to allott for the movies you record, with the wizard automatically suggesting around 5% of your hard drive for storage of recorded video. From here you go on to scan for DTV channels, and then from there you are able to watch OTA broadcasts on your HDTV Wonder.

Here we can see the ATI HDTV Wonder’s Control Panel, and above you can see the different options you have when watching OTA broadcasts on the card.

For the more advanced users, the DTV Setup screen allows for more customization in the various settings tabs shown above.


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