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ATi Crossfire Launch Party Report

Phil Eisler, VP of Integrated and Mobile Business Unit talks
more on the Radeon Xpress 200 platforms

ATI compared the performance of their Crossfire vs NVIDIA SLI
technology on the Splinter Cell Chaos Theory and it turned out that the
Crossfire platform is able to complete much faster than the NVIDIA SLI platform.
He made an interesting/sarcastic remark about "not waiting for the benchmark to
be completed on the SLI platform because the party would probably be end by

ATI to emphasize greatly on providing a highly overclockable
platform on Intel and AMD fronts.

ATi has revealed today in their launch party at Computex that
their Crossfire platform has beaten our 3DMark05 record of 14623 set by Shamino
reaching an impressive score of 15498. The world record is set by macci, one of
the top overclocker from Finland using FX-55 and Dual Radeon X850 XT PE clocked
at 904Mhz.

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