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Moving on to our favourite Republic of Gamers boards, the Maximus VI GENE (mATX) is well proportioned as usual, which is why they are usually our de facto recommendation (unless you need more than two-way CFX/SLI). The Z87 ROG boards will also be loaded with TI’s NextFET power stages (used in the Rampage IV Extreme), and augmented by fancy high current chokes. The included “mPCIe Combo II” module also spots a new fangled NGFF slot for future storage expansion.

The “Hero” brand is a new arrival to the ROG family (not to be confused with Formula, which will be unveiled later this year) and will be priced to attack the mainstream gamer market.

Wrapping up the ROG series, we have the top of the line Maximus VI Extreme, which should once again be breaking benchmark and frequency records in the days to come. Featuring 4-way multi-GPU support and a very comprehensive VRM circuitry for the CPU and memory, its crowning glory actually OC Panel (kind of like EVGA’s EVBot but better), replacing the OC Key dongle on previous flagship boards.

Finally for those who are particular about component durability and uptime (and not overclocking), we have the TUF Sabertooth Z87 series, which provides the usual Thermal Armor and dust covers for all the expansion slots.

This time, there is also a micro ATX variant named Gryphon. Armor kit sold seperately.

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