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Asus TUF Gryphon Z87 (mATX) Motherboard Review

The UEFI BIOS on the TUF Gryphon is the same award winning stuff found on their other motherboards, so no complaints about navigation or layout here. There is also an extra option to keep the system fans spinning after shutdown to remove any latent heat within the computer chassis.

I did not encounter any issues with Hynix/PSC based generic and high-speed memory modules, but to get dual channel working for the Samsung ones I had to first boot up with one stick, go into BIOS to set XMP and then put in the other stick, else the motherboard will just be stuck in an infinite boot loop (using BIOS 1206).

aisuite1The TUF Gryphon also comes with the usual Asus AI Suite software utility sans the overclocking department (deliberate decision by the designers, who thinks buyers of this board don’t want to overclock). Instead, there is a focus on monitoring the various thermal sensors across the motherboard and more fine-grained fan control tuning.

IMG_5219 ocsystem

In conclusion, this is better than average mATX offering from a reliability perspective, but my expert recommendation is still to top up slightly more and get the Asus ROG Maximus VI Gene (USD$199 / SGD$397), which co-incidentally addresses all of the TUF Gryphon shortfalls (better audio, more USB/SATA ports, regular BIOS updates and troubleshooting/overclocking oriented features).


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