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Asus ROG Maximus V Extreme (Z77) Subzero Review

ASUS is known for its thorough UEFI. The amount of options available is unmatched, however many of them are best set at auto and are only useful in extreme circumstances. Some users might feel intimidated by the pure amount of options; and for those users ASUS offers an easy mode. In this section we will go over the advanced user mode UEFI. One major selling point of the Maximus 5 Extreme are the memory profiles. Instead of setting XMP and changing the timings, a user can just load up pre-tested profiles if they know what ICs are used on their memory modules. These profiles are very good and work very well for many different types of memory such as PCS, Hynix, Samsung, and even BBSE. 

Below is the main page, if you switch the jumper to LN2 mode, more options become available.

Very extensive voltage options are available. 

We move onto the memory tweaking page: 

Above are the memory profiles, there are a lot of them. Tight means better timings but lower frequency, and medium or loose is higher speed but looser timings. 

This is a monitor for the PCI-E slots. 

The advanced CPU and DRAM VRM options are very impressive, the extent is due to the Digital PWM. 

Here we have some of the more exotic voltage settings. 

Advanced CPU settings. 

The fan control is very extensive and one of the best we have seen. 

Here we have the boot devices. 

This is the ASUS profile storage, which will store user profiles to the motherboard. 

Above is the "Go" profile which can be triggered by pressing the GO button. 

Here we have voltage monitoring which is very extensive. 

Notice that the two words we use the most in this section are extensive and available, this is because this BIOS is just filled with options, more than we have ever seen before.

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