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ASUS ROG Matrix HD 7970 Platinum 3GB Review

The most touted selling point of the Matrix Platinium is its overclocking prowness, and ASUS has provided a few avenues to do just that. First up is their GPU Tweak utility, which now has load line calibration (prevents voltage drop under load) and PWM switching frequency options in addition to the regular core/memory/slot voltage options. Core voltage can be raised by software up to 1.35V, and one must disable OCP (by shorting the "LN2_Mode" area on the PCB) in order to prevent the card from resetting when it crosses AMD's own nanny safeguards.

The second enabler is a set of onboard controls which provides an additional core voltage offset (9 steps, each 6.25mV) on top of the current set option.


The third method is used in conjunction with a Rampage/Maximus Extreme motherboard, where you can hookup a bunch of wires to designated points on the graphics card and motherboard to allow direct control in the BIOS, OC Key overlay or AI Suite software utility.

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