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ASUS ROG Matrix HD 7970 Platinum 3GB Review

With the heatsinks dismounted, the PCB of the Matrix Platinium looks very intimidating and handsome.

Twelve Hynix 256MB GDDR5 memory modules are used here in a 384bit memory bus configuration. We can't help but feel abit disappointed that ASUS didn't opt to go for a total of 6GB of RAM like Sapphire's flagship HD7970 since most regular gamers of this card will most definitely be using it with a multi-monitor array, where memory usage in games like Battlefield 3 can go over 3GB with all the details turned up.


An extravangant 16+2 phase VRM power design should please the overclockers (ED: moar doesn't mean better), and ASUS even includes a special MOSFET heatsink for those who will using their own heatsink block for water or LN2 cooling.


The DirectCU II cooling solution uses a brute force approach with five copper heatpipes transfering heat from the base  to a large fin array which is then dissipated by twin 92mm PWM enabled fans that pushes a lot of air. Under factory settings, the cooler is significantly quieter under load than the reference blower solution, addressing one of the main drawbacks of the HD 7970.

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