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ASUS releases teaser image for a new product

ASUS has just released a new teaser image for an upcoming product on their Google+ page.  After similar teases in the past that had disappointing outcomes, it’s important to keep expectations as low as humanely possible.

Asus is continuing their fetish for teasing just about every product they release with a new image that was posted on their Google+ page. Considering the company makes such a large variety of products, it’s almost impossible at this point to offer an accurate prediction of what it could be.

The image seen above doesn’t offer much information other than a small glimpse of only part of the hardware. At first glance, there is a variety of upcoming products this could be, ranging from their rumored 8-inch Windows 8 tablet, to a new laptop featuring Intel’s new Haswell processor.

On the other hand, it could be something completely nonsensical considering the company has actually put up teaser pages in the past which ended up being for a disc writer. I’m leaning toward the latter because the image was accompanied by the hint that whatever it is, “it’ll move you”.

The hint  makes me think it won’t be a tablet or a computer of any kind, but instead a product with some sort of movement gimmick attached to it.  Perhaps this is something music or exercise related. Maybe it is a computer, except that it specializes in one of those things. It’s really pointless trying to guess when it comes to ASUS, but for their sake, whatever it is, I hope it does more than burn DVDs, or else they’ll lose a lot of their teasing credibility; that is, if there is any left.

Source: ASUS Via: Engadget

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