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Asus Padfone with Windows Phone 8 just over the horizon?

Asus took a pretty bold step in the mobility department when it launched the Padfone line running Google's Android OS, but that might not be enough as a company official has confirmed that the Taipei-based OEM is exploring Windows Phone 8 as an alternative platform for its hardware.  This, of course, makes people think about the possibility that Asus may also be looking into developing a Padfone-like device that will run WP8.

There may be another Windows Phone 8 OEM entering the Microsoft mobile ecosystem soon.  An Asus official, Benson Lin, recently told The Wall Street Journal that his company was “interested” in exploring the WP8 platform, and that it just “makes sense” for Asus to expand its mobility portfolio.

While there are no specifics beyond the fact that Asus pondering whether or not it should gamble on WP8, it’s certainly exciting to know (from a mobile consumer point of view) that WP8 won’t be limited to just a few major brands.

Anyone that has taken the Asus Padfone out for a test drive will also be happy to know that a WP8-Padfone might be just over the horizon.  The tablet-smartphone hybrid is a plus when it comes to mobility and productivity on the go.

CES 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada came and gone with WP8 not making so much as a dent on the attendees and people behind the scenes, so perhaps Asus will do Microsoft a favor and stir up some excitement for the insignificant player in the mobile OS arena come CES 2014.

Source WSJ Via technology tell

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