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ASUS P5N-E SLI nForce 650i SLI

Bottom right of the motherboard, you will find 4 SATA Connectors, and 2 IDE
Connectors facing the Drive Bay direction. That’s right, this motherboard offers
2 IDE Chanels unlike the 680i SLI boards that offer only one. The position of
the 4 SATA connectors make the left few difficult to reach to when you run an
SLI setup with a secondary graphics card.

The Southbridge is in fact a NF430 chipset, different from the
NF590 MCP we see on the 680i SLI boards serving as the Southbridge.

In between the PCIE slots, a good old SLI Selector card lies, in good tradition
of ASUS A8N SLI. Manually flip the card over to select between single video
card configuration, or dual video card configuration when you run SLI. This
changes the PCIE lanes electrically from x16 – x4 to x8 – x8.

The 24-pin ATX power connector lies above the IDE connectors.

Above, you see the CPU socket area and the power managment module onboard.
Unlike the grander ASUS motherboards, there are no heatsinks or heatpipes overlaying
the power MOSFETs – and yes, they get pretty hot in operation.

The CPU voltage regulator lies to the side of the socket beside
the Memory DIMM slots.


CPU socket, half packed with decoupling capacitors.

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