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ASUS P565 – Unlimited Power

Uncommon Resolution

A rather uncommon 2.8-inch screen size occupies a major portion of the P565 real-estate. On top of that, it is a VGA screen (480 x 640 pixels); so move over iPhone!

With such high resolution, images look sharper, but at the same time, the text and details on documents will also look smaller.


Moving on to the phone’s design. The P565 can be summed up with one word, plain. Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes those fanciful and loud designs offered by other phone manufacturers just turn your head for the wrong reasons.

Seriously, after having most of the area taken up by the screen, what’s left is the little spaces which is enough for the essential buttons. And ASUS is great at fully utilizing the space. Although the P565 may look plain, some people may just like it.

A 5-direction D-pad, Answer, Hang-up, OK, and Anytime Launcher button are neatly placed below the screen. While common sense dictates the picture of a phone facing up means the answer button and facing down represents the hang-up button, the inclusion of color (such as green and red) would help the clueless to differentiate easier. A secondary camera for video conferencing is positioned above the display.

Volume controls are situated on the left and just below the GPS antenna. The volume controls are slightly leveled and offers better handling.

Phone locking is extremely easy on the P565 with the locking knob just above the camera button. Simply slide the knob downward to lock and upward to unlock. Nifty huh.

The camera button is flushed with the side and that may cause accidental camera mode activation.

A stylus is cleverly hidden at the side for use with the phone. We noticed that the textured top, with the power button flushed, isn’t very friendly for users with huge hands and fingers. Booting up the phone requires approximately 30 seconds after you pressed the power button, but not before pressing the power button for a straight 5 seconds.

The mini-USB connector is at the base for charging the battery, transferring of files and for plugging in the headset. In other words, you will not be able to charge and use your headset at the same time. And you also cannot use your own earphones for MP3 or video playback. To the right of the mini-usb connector is the Reset button.

At the rear is the battery cover made with pure black leather which would appeal to the serious mobile professionals.

The built-in speakers are located between the battery cover and camera and to hear the audio clearly, you would need to place the phone faced down. (Perhaps the manufacturer want you to show off the pure leather battery cover for this reason).

The placement of the 3-megapixel camera looks a bit flawed. When we hold the phone in a landscape orientation, the camera will be close to the bottom of the phone on the other side. This means that you will need to hold the phone higher when taking photos or shooting videos.

The plastic stylus feels flimsy but good enough for use if you don’t want to rely on your fingers. The leather top combined with silver metal body and plastic tip may be a better option to complement the PDA phone though.

But typically, the tip of a stylus is usually constructed in plastic to avoid scratching the screen or transmission of electricity.

In terms of size, the P565 is big enough to fit most hands nicely and it is also very lightweight at 120g.


The main material used to build the P565 is plastic, which explains its portability. However, the PDA phone does feel fairly sturdy. The screen is covered with high-gloss quality plastic which you can use it as a mirror when the screen is dimmed or powered off.

The leather for the battery cover is lined neatly on top of the plastic, gave a sense of elegance.

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