There is supposedly a SmartLogon system which enables users to logon to the N10Jc through facial recognition with the 1.3-megapixel web camera, but we could not locate the software on the machine. Probably because our evaluation unit isn’t the standard retail version.

However, ASUS did include a Protector Suite QL Control Center software that allow users to enroll their fingerprint for added security and prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to the netbook.

Swiping your finger on the fingerprint scanner is not at all easy as you can’t do it too fast or too slow. Thankfully, there is an interactive tutorial to guide you on how to do it in a proper manner in order to be registered by the software. You also get to practise swiping three times before doing the actual enrollment.

For the actual enrollment, you are choose any one of your fingers or all ten of them. However, unlike the tutorial, you will have to swipe five times per finger. When you are satisfied, complete the enrollment process and the next system login will require you to scan your fingerprint/s. You can also have a combination of fingerprint scanning and password for increased security.


We used Futuremark PCMark05 benchmark software to test the netbook performance in the CPU, memory, graphics and hard disk departments. Because the netbook is able to use integrated or discrete graphics, we run the tests on both graphics to see the difference in performance.

As clearly seen from the PCMark05 results, the ASUS achieved higher graphics and overall PCMark scores when the discrete Nvidia GeForce 9300M GS graphics is used.

For the 3D gaming performance, we tested the N10Jc using “Left 4 Dead” game, running our customized time demo at 1024×600 resolution, with Trillinear Filtering Mode and Low settings for Shader Detail, Effect Detail and Model/Texture Detail.

On Intel Intergrated 945 graphics, the system struggled at an average 1.01 fps with lacking graphical details. However, when we switched to Nvidia GeForce 9300M GS graphics, the ASUS flew to an average 18.05 fps which is much higher than the Integrated graphics, but still not sufficient enough for seamless gameplay. The visual graphics also looked better.

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