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Asus Maximus VI Extreme (Z87) Review


The new UEFI from ASUS has minor improvements over the Maximus V Extreme UEFI. This one has plenty of options and presets, however what is most noticeable is the vast amount of memory overclocking profiles. Since Z87 is a memory overclocker’s dream, Shamino decided to add in as many profiles as he thought were needed to cover the many kits that Haswell plays nice with. Also notice that this time he has included some interesting BCLK overclocking profiles, even one that goes to 200mhz. Our CPU worked well with the 195mhz one, and we will cover that in the next section. When one engages the LN2 jumper on the board more features are unlocked, it is very easy to use this UEFi once you get used to it, but at first it might seem like a challenge because of all the options. Some things on this board are more complicated than they need to be, but ASUS does an excellent job with auto settings for the majority of settings, so if you don’t know what it does then just leave it on auto. If you are totally lost ASUS’s profiles work great.

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The new UEFI also features some decent features, first of which is a secure SSD erase function. There is also a profile you can set and implement with the OC Panel.

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