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ASUS MATRIX GTX 580 Platinum Review

The MATRIX GTX 580 uses the same heatsink as the GTX 580 DirectCU II, but with a redesigned shroud. ASUS has also added more auxiliary heatsinks to cool the power circuitry.

Four display outputs are available, but as always only two can be used (unless you're running SLI). The Safe Mode button resets all frequencies and voltages to default.

Just like any other GTX 580, the MATRIX requires two eight-pin PCIe power connectors.

The MATRIX logo on the side of the card lights up in five different colors, from green to red, based on the GPU loading.

The voltage measurement points can be accessed from either side of the graphics card. In addition to GPU, VRAM and PLL voltage, you can also measure the 12V and 3.3V lines here.

For hardcore overclockers, ASUS has added several modding points as well. One of these disables over-current protection, the two in the middle control FBVDDQ (Frame Buffer Voltage) and PEXVDD, while the last one controls PWM frequency.

Pushing the fan button sets both fans on the MATRIX to maximum speed instantly. The two plus/minus buttons next to it provide direct control of GPU voltage in approximately 0.013V increments. A row of LEDs next to the buttons indicates the current GPU voltage in ten steps.

A typical set of accessories is provided with the MATRIX GTX 580.

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