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Asus M80TA to be called VivoTab Note 8, cost $300 and be showcased at CES

The mysterious Asus M80TA Windows 8.1 tablet, which inconspicuously made its way to a couple of European online retailers yesterday, has become an open book in the meantime, having its full list of features revealed.

Asus booth

In addition, there’s also a hazy photo of the device out and about, plus a few vague pricing hints. First things first, allow me to stress the fact that the VivoTab Note 8 (apparently, that’s going to be the slate’s market name) is not official yet and may (try to) keep a low profile leading up to January’s CES in Las Vegas.

The expo should then make everything crystal clear, though again, the VivoTab Note 8 is already as transparent as glass. Expected to start selling in February, at the latest, the 8-incher will cost $300 and up and Dell’s Venue 8 Pro looks like its main rival.

Rival and also doppelganger, as there’s almost nothing to choose between the two in the software and hardware departments. Both run Windows 8.1 out the box, sport 8-inch 1,280 x 800 pixels resolution screens and pack quad-core Intel Bay Trail CPUs.


Then you get 2 GB RAM with each, 32 GB built-in storage in their entry-level configs, microSD support, microUSB, 5 and 1.2 MP cameras and stylus support. Both lack HDMI connectivity, but what’s a little fuzzy is whether VivoTab Note 8’s pen comes standard or as an optional add-on.

Probably the latter, albeit if that’s the case there’s really no way for Asus to make it look like their petite tab bests the Venue 8 Pro. After all, Dell’s player has the bigger battery beneath the hood (4,830 vs. 3,950 mAh), plus it’s amazingly thinner as well (9 vs. 10.95 mm). Heavier too, which is no advantage, yet you’ll probably not even notice the extra 15 grams.

Bottom line, Asus needs something to put in the win column before formally introducing the VivoTab Note 8. A price shave, maybe some nifty optional accessories, the pen stylus available out of the box, anything.

Source: Mobile Geeks

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