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ASUS M2N32-SLI Deluxe Socket AM2 Review

I almost pulled my all my hair out trying to get the right pair of RAM to go with the Asus M2N32-SLI Deluxe, The G-Skills in the picture above refused to work, the Cosair XMS8000ULs refused to work, even the XMS5400 CL4 pair refused to work. I had to settle with a pair of Kingston ValueRam running at DDR667 in the end, and that skewed the results a little… The RAM wasn’t exactly the type of RAM one would use for a benchmark but who cares? I’ve tried my best man! Apparently, this seems to be an issue with many of the Nforce 590 based mainboards out there…

Update (1st July) : The Corsair CM2X512-8000UL V1.1,
CM2X512-5400C4 V1.1 and G.Skill F2-8000PHUZ-2GBHZ now work fine on the latest
0504 BIOS. Seems like ASUS has done much to improve the RAM compatibilities with
their latest BIOS so far.

An additional note to users with a lot of hard drives and who wish to run SLI, you’ll be very irritated with the mainboard, because for once, Asus screwed up a little on the mainboard layout and SLI-ing two 7800GTX will handicap two SATA ports. below is an illustration with a 6800Ultra GPU installed, and there, Nvidia left a single measly IDE connector on the Nforce 5s…. gee.

Another note, the FSB:DRAM ratios of the Nforce 5 mainboards doesn’t seem to work out very properly, All ratios are skewed, for eg, DDR667 RAM will only operate at DDR630…. I’ll let the CPU-Z do the talking. =)

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