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ASUS M2N32-SLI Deluxe Socket AM2 Review

Nvidia’s new Dualnet Technology will be available on NForce 570 and 590 chipests, where the chipset itself will support dual Ethernet MACs with hardware acceleration promising lower CPU utilisation and teaming capabilities. The teaming capability will allow you to connect both GigaE LAN ports to the network simultaneously, allowing you to achieve a maximum bandwidth of 2.0Gbps. With this, the dual MACs also promise instant fail safe protection in the case of hardware failure.

Other significant changes include the transition of IDE to SATA devices, Nvidia has removed one IDE port on the Nforce 5 chipsets in favour of 2 additional SATA-II capable ports. Below is a brief summary of the difference between the various chipsets by Nvidia for the coming half of the year.

Together with the Nforce 5 series based mainboards, Nvidia will also be launching a brand new integrated System and Video Tuning Software by the name of NTune5. You can take a look at more screenshots of the software here.

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