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Asus GTX 670 DirectCu Mini 2GB Review

At the business end of things, we see the Nvidia Kepler GK104 die (28nm, 3.5B transistors) flanked by eight 256MB Hynix BGA RAM modules (four in front, rest at the back) arranged in a 256-bit GDDR5 memory bus. Asus also gave the card a slight 26MHz bump to the shipping GPU boost frequency (1006MHz), while keeping the memory clocks at the nominal 1.5GHz.

Instead of integrating the usual CHiL-rebranded DIGI+ digital PWM, a simple 4-phase Richtek RT8867A PWM is used here, which (intentionally) doesn't support software i2c voltage control or monitoring.

(Below) Solid capacitors, OnSemi high/low side MOSFETs and "Super" Alloy Chokes make up some of the fine engineering choices.


The vapour chamber block sitting on top of the GPU is touted to be more efficient than the regular copper heatpipe designs. Sticky thermal transfer tape covers the various memory modules and VRMs.

On top of a dense array of die-cast aluminium fins sits Asus's new CoolTech fan, which is a hybrid axial-blower blade design with a DC 12V 0.5A motor and boasts of superior acoustics without compromising airflow.

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