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ASUS GeForce GTX 660 Ti DirectCU II TOP 2GB Review

When we popped the heatsink off, we found a radically reworked PCB.

Here we have the business end of the GTX 660 Ti – the 28nm GK104 die is flanked by eight (two behind) 1.5GHz GDDR5 BGA modules by Hynix. Nvidia's asymmetrical memory technique allows them to fit 2GB of framebuffer (usually 128, 256 or 512-bit bus) on a 192-bit bus (usually 768mb, 1.5GB or 3GB) without noticeable performance penalty.


Here at the VRM section, we get six phase digital power by virtue of an IR3598 phase doubler with a combination of NTMFS4955N and 4937N MOSFETs. These are augmented by Super Alloy Chokes and capacitors to ensure longevity and continuous high power output.


2 x 6 pin PCIe power implies up to 225W of power draw.


ASUS have deployed their DirectCU II coolers in their non-reference offerings for quite some time now, albeit with slight variations. They all incorporate Heatpipe Direct Touch (HDT) technology and PWM enabled fans to ramp up the airflow when neccessary.

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