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ASUS GeForce GTX 660 (GK106) DirectCU II TOP 2GB Review

It is not a VR-Zone.com review without looking under the heatsinks at the naked board, so we have done that once again. Immediately we can see a beefy looking VRM compartment which explains for the longer than standard PCB length. We also like the fact that ASUS uses a metal bar on top to prevent the card from warping (and consequently avoid a lot of obcure stability issues).

The 28nm GK106 GPU is physically smaller than its predecessors, which is not a surprise given its puny 115W TDP. This board also features the debut of Samsung 1.5GHz GDDR5 memory which is a refreshing change from the Hynix modules that we have seen so far (now we know the OEMs have at least one more vendor to get supply from in case of shortages).


Here at the VRM section, we get six phase digital power by virtue of an IR3598 phase doubler with a combination of NTMFS4955N and 4937N MOSFETs. These are partnered by alloy chokes and solid FP capacitors to ensure longevity and continuous high power output.


There are many variations of ASUS's own DirectCU II cooler and this one uses three heatpipes which directly comes in contact with the GPU core before spreading the heat out to a large heatsink array. Twin PWM enabled 70mm 0.35A axial fans also keeps the card cool without causing a ruckus.

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