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ASUS Extreme N6600GT Silencer

ASUS N6600GT Silencer also comes with a different PCB design from the rest apart
from the cooling solution.

Here, we take a closer look at this card:

This is how the card looks like from the top down. There is
another strip of copper heatsink that is connected to the main heatsink via a

This is how the protruding copper portion of the heatsink looks
ASUS has added very fine fins for this portion to improve heat dissipation. This
part of the heatsink gets really warm after sometime during 3D tests. This
suggests that heat is properly dissipated from the main heatsink.

This is how the back of the card looks like. A thick plastic
back plate assists in securing the massive heatsink at the front. Additional ram
sinks are attached on the card to provide cooling on those BGA rams on
this card.

A closer look at the plastic back plate for securing the
heatsink. Spring loaded screws are deployed, to provide a balanced contact for
the massive heatsink at the front.

A close up on the ram sinks. Copper plated ram sinks are
tightly bonded onto the memory chips by thermal tapes.

This is how the card looks like stripped of its cooling
solution. The PCB design can be seen here and looks different from the usual
reference design.

The graphics memory on this card. Like most other 6600GT, the
N6600GT Silencer comes with a Samsung 2.0ns GDDR memory. At default, the memory
is clocked at 1Ghz.

The back of the heatsink actually has a copper plate to aid
in heat dissipation. This copper plate is attached to the bigger aluminum piece.
As for ram cooling, only 2 out of the 4 ram chips are cooled by this heatsink.
It would be certainly better if all 4 of the ram chips are connected to this heatsink.

The copper portion is attached to the main heatsink via a
copper heatpipe. The heatpipe is attached to the main piece by means of sliding
through a tightly mounded shaft. Thermal grease is applied onto the heatpipe to
provide a better thermal transfer.

The I/O connectors for this card includes the standard VGA, DVI, and a HD TV capable S-Video / TV out port.

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