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ASUS Express TV Stick USB 2.0 Hybrid TV Receiver with 4GB storage

ASUS Express TV Stick USB 2.0 Hybrid TV Receiver with 4GB storage

What’s better than a hybrid USB TV stick? A hybrid USB TV stick with 4GB storage. ASUS has announced their new Express TV Stick Hybrid which comes with 4GB built-in flash storage. This means you can also use this nifty device as a thumbdrive for storing your data.

Taipei, Taiwan, April 23, 2009 – ASUS has announced their new ASUS Express TV Stick. Featuring high quality digital (DVBT) and analog TV signal reception, plus a host of versatile utilities, the product allows users to conveniently watch TV and enjoy access to multimedia entertainment wherever they are.

Manual-free Auto-install for Easy Digital and Analog TV Viewing
Users can enjoy convenient TV viewing or recording in a few simple steps. Simply insert the ASUS Express TV Stick into the computer’s USB 2.0 port, the software will automatically install to enable recording or viewing high-quality digital and analog TV programs. No need to install it from a software CD.

Extra Storage with 4GB Built-in Flash Drive
One of the best features of the ASUS Express TV Stick is the free 4GBs built-in memory. In addition to the convenience of auto-installation, users can utilize the extra storage just like any other thumb drive for data transfers. This makes it convenient for users to record and store programs onto the ASUS Express TV Stick, then share them with their family or friends.

Useful Windows Vista Gadget Tool with ASUS GadgeTV Technology
The ASUS Express TV Stick provides a useful Windows Vista Gadget tool that allows users to watch and record live TV directly onto their Windows Vista sidebar. This manifests as a small window on the right hand side of the sidebar, where users can watch and record TV, or obtain snapshots. Users can do this even while they are surfing the Internet or while they are doing work; they will no longer miss a single moment of their favorite shows. They can even enlarge the video size to fullscreen whenever they want—allowing them to fully enjoy their TV programs at any time.

Source: ASUS


Product Name ASUS Express TV Stick
Model Name US2-400/PT/FM/AV/RC/FL
  TV system Digital TV (DVB-T free to air) and Analog TV
  Interface USB2.0
Specifications Flash Drive 4GB
  OS supported Microsoft Vista Home Premium / Vista Home Basic
    / Vista Ultimate / Windows XP
  Remote Control
  Audio/Video breakout cable
Accessories DVB-T Antenna
  Quick start guide
  Support CD

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