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ASUS enhance features on their laptops, desktops, netbooks and nettops for better Win 7 experience


Today, ASUS has announced that selected PCs would be equipped with enhanced features to bring a better Windows 7 experience to its users. According to the manufacturer, all ASUS notebooks installed with Windows 7 will run the 64-bit versions of the operating system. Read on for the news release.

Taipei, Taiwan, Oct 22, 2009 – ASUS today announced that a select group of its notebooks and Eee Series PCs—including the Eee PC™, Eee PC™ Touch, EeeBox PC and EeeTop PC—will feature exclusive enhancements that are designed to extend and improve the overall Windows 7 experience. The applicable ASUS notebooks, which will come installed with 64-bit versions of Windows 7, promise a level of performance and security over and beyond that of notebooks running previous versions of Windows—most notably up to 40%* faster bootups and server-level security with enhanced core protection.

All ASUS notebooks installed with Windows 7 will run 64-bit versions of the operating system. This allows the notebooks to fully utilize the vastly-higher RAM ceiling that 64-bit Windows 7 affords—up to 128GB—dramatically improving their multitasking capabilities and processing speeds. 64-bit Windows 7-equipped ASUS notebooks will also boot up up to 40%* faster than competing notebooks, thanks to FastBoot technology which shortens notebook boot times to as low as 30 seconds*.

The marriage of Eee Series PCs and Windows 7 is the ultimate expression of the Eee brand’s “Easy, Excellent, Exciting” mantra. Windows 7-equipped Eee Series PCs allow users to enjoy near-instant access to the web and beyond with Fast Bootup Technology. They also feature Eee Docking or Eee Bar, user-friendly shortcut bars that give users direct and intuitive access to applications and web services, as well as ASUS @Vibe which serves as users’ window to a world of web-based multimedia entertainment. Furthermore, ASUS WebStorage gives users additional online storage space, allowing them to easily backup and share their files.

Source: ASUS

ASUS Computers Installed with Windows 7

ASUS Notebooks

F81Se / F83Se / F83T N60DP/ N61Vn/Vg/ N71Vn/Vg/ N81Vp/ N81Vg
G60Vx / G71Gx / G72Gx UX30 / UX50
K40AB / K40C / K50C / K40IJ / K40Ac / K50IJ / K40IN / K50IN / K60IJ / K70AB / K70AC / K51AC / K70IJ/K70IO U20A / U50A / U50Vg / U80A / U80V
UL20 / UL30A / UL50A / UL50Ag / UL50Vg / UL50Vt / UL80V VX5 / F6VE

ASUS Desktop PCs

CM5540 / CM5570 / CM1525 BM5220 / BM5320 / BM2220
CG5270 / CG5285 / CG5290 BM2320 / BM5240 / BM5265
CP5140 / CS5120 / ES5000 BM5365 / BP5220 / BP5265

Eee Series PCs

Eee PC™ 1008HA / 1005HA / 1005HR Eee PC™ 1101HA / 1201HA / 1201N
Eee PC™ Touch T91MT EeeTop PC ET2002/ ET2002T
EeeTop PC ET2203/2203T EeeBox PC EB1501/1502

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