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ASUS Engineers are here – ASUS Power Users’ Seminar

ASUS listened. They flown in R & D Engineers from Taiwan to satisfy your crave!

Back in August, we organized the Inaugural Power Users Gathering. Following up on our user’s feedback, ASUS organized the ASUS Power Users’ Seminar last Saturday at The Coffee Club in Clarke Quay.

ASUS Singapore has flown in R & D team from Taiwan for this event. These guys are the brains and minds of the innovative ASUS motherboards you are using right now.

Mr Mark Chen, ASUS Product Manager and Mr Payton Lin, ASUS R & D

Our Power Users are mainly over clocking enthusiast who enjoys an in-depth technical discussion and presentation – this gathering serves to satisfy their cravings!

The presentation started off with Mr Mark Chen giving an overview what do they do and the various innovative ideas they brewed in their labs which became reality.

ASUS placed an emphasis on user’s ease of troubleshooting – ASUS R & D designed and innovated Q-LED.

Q-LED provides LEDs on the motherboard to check system components during motherboard boot up process. This user-centric design provides an intuitional way to locate the source of the problem.

Another simple idea – Q-DIMM allows user to upgrade their memory without the hassle of removing the graphics card

Newcomers who are keen to try out overclocking but at the same time are worried about the potential damage they can do to their hardware will be pleased to know that ASUS R & D has keep these group of users in mind – They gave birth to a Windows utility called “Auto Tune”

Users will be able to use “Auto Tune” over-clock your system in Windows without the hassle of rebooting and going into the system BIOs. This utility will indicate to users what the performance gain is. Subsequently, it will automatically adjust system settings for a better performance gain.

Towards the end of the presentation, Payton demonstrated the “Auto Tune” feature

Our Veteran Power Users looks on with anticipation

“Auto Tune” managed to hit the 4.1 Ghz mark!

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