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ASUS EN7800GT-DUAL 2/2000 Edition Review

With a large and heavy packaging from ASUS, naturally we expect this card
to come with a great bundle. Although most of the items bundled are more
or less similar to other ASUS packages we’ve seen so far, we are still
impressed by the array of bundled items that came with the package. Complete
with games, utilities, and other essential hardware, such bundle is one of the
more balanced ones we’ve seen.

Here are the items that come with the card:

This is the external power supply brick that comes with the
card. Just like any other power supply brick, this brick steps down voltages
to 12 volts for the card.

A closer look at the label on the power supply brick. this
brick can give up to 6.67A of current on the 12V rail. This brick provides up to
80W of power to the card.

This is how the whole power circuitry is connected to the
card, with one end of the power brick going to the card, and the other end to
the wall socket.

A special SLi switch is included in the package. Meant for
users who have boards based on the NForce 4 SLi Intel Edition, this switch card
enables the SLi operation of the card with supporting motherboards. On the AMD
side, all boards can be used, just by switching such SLi cards to “Single GPU”

An included break out box caters to the VIVO functions
found on the card. This break out box is a standard one that comes with most
higher end cards.

The array of discs that comes with the package. They include
utilities like: ASUS Virtual Drive 9, MediaShow SE, Cyberlink Power Director,
ASUS DVD, User Manual on CD, and the Driver disc. Games include Xpand Rally and

The rest of the bundle includes a pretty CD holder, a quick
reference guide and a complete user manual. Also included, the power cable
meant for the power brick.

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