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ASUS EN7800GT-DUAL 2/2000 Edition Review

While this card is by far the most powerful gaming card anyone can buy with
money for now, the card itself is actually more like 2 pieces of 7800GT
combined. Unlike the older EN6800Ultra-DUAL, this card has a much more scaled
down PCB size, with a more compact design on the cooling department. Also, instead of
2 PCIe 6 pin power connector, this card comes only with a single 6 pin power
connector together with it’s own dedicated power supply to run the card.
Although this may sound out of the world, it is actually a pretty novel way to
keep power issues at bay.

Here’s a closer look at the monster card:

This is how the card looks like. Although it is slightly longer
than the regular 7800 GT / GTX, the PCB is actually a lot wider, making this
card one of the biggest card to retail in the market now. Due to it’s size, an
anti warp bar is placed at the side of the card.

The EN7800GT-DUAL flipped on its back. In this view, you can
see the 2 similar back plates used to secure the heatsink.

Although with 2 cores, this card only comes with a single PCIe
6 pin connector. If the user decides to use the external power supply, he/she
must plug in this relay connector. The power brick will then be connected at the
rear I/O ports to prevent clutter. However, if you do not want to use external
supply, you can still plug in your regular 6 pin PCIe power connector from the

The heat sinks on this card is made fully from aluminum. The
fins on the card are thin, and well spaced for maximum air flow and heat
dissipation. However it would be better if ASUS incorporated a copper based
heatsink for this card.

Although this card will be sold in the retail channel, it is
made in extremely limited quantities, thus, it’s “Limited Edition” status. Every
card has it’s own unique serial number and only 2000 of such cards will be

With the pretty top cover removed, this is how the heatsink
looks like on the whole. A silent, but powerful 60mm fan in the center would
suck and expel cool air in both the left and right direction, cooling the fins
on the heatsink.

These are the connectors that are available on the rear I/O
ports on the card. It comes with dual DVI ports and the usual TV-Out port. On
top of it, it comes with the special power connector. We’ve received a note
indicating that the retail version of this card will come with VGA connectors
that will fill up the gaps we see here. With those VGA connectors, it will be
possible to connect up to 4 monitors with just this card!

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